Kyoko Misawa (京子三沢?, lit. Misawa Kyoko) was Haru's aunt.


Based on her interactions with Haru, she is a loving person who thinks about others instead of herself. Unlike her brother, she's kind, patient and wise, all which benefited Haru's emotional and mental well-being. She's more concerned about Haru living his life than being smart to impress her. Again, unlike her brother and her sister-in-law, she was Haru's emotional support.


When Haru was a child living with her, she spoke to Haru about things like "what makes us human; Education, language and lastly love". She always recognized Haru's intelligence, but didn't push him to excell in his studies like her brother. Just before she passed away, she said to him "Humans anguish alone. And the unique medicine to this is, to find other people. I hope that you find the right person one day." Haru frequently remembers these phrases during his time with Shizuku.


When Haru was a child, she took him in after her brother threw him out. She often tried to encourage Haru to be proud and accept what he has, especially when he said that he didn't think he should. She noticed that he used to break things for no given reason, which he accompanied with insults to her. Years later after her death, her son, Mitsuyoshi, found a picture of her in a box in the attic. He keeps her picture on the front desk in memory of her.

Trivia Edit

  • Mitsuyoshi’s mother. The younger sister of Haru and Yuuzan’s father.
  • The surname Misawa is from the original surname of Haru’s paternal grandmother (Kyoko’s mother).
  • Oga-sensei, who is familiar with her, had commented about her that she is a very outstanding scholar but as an ordinary person, there are some sort of issues.


  • "What makes us human? Education, language and lastly love."
  • "Humans anguish alone. And the unique medicine to this is, find other people."