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Nagoya (ナゴヤ, Nagoya) is the pet chicken of Yoshida Haru.


Nagoya was first found by Haru by the side of the road. Haru tried to smuggle him into his classes, but was easily discovered by Shizuku and told to get rid of the rooster. Sasayan then offered to take care of Nagoya, but because his cat was scared of him he quickly returned it. After that, Ninomiya Saeko proposed to the committee that Nagoya could live on the school grounds at Haru's request, which was quickly accepted. Then Haru, Natsume and Sasayan, decided to build a house for Nagoya. After they built a coop, with the help of Tomio, Joji, Mabo and Kenji, Nagoya successfully entered into his new home.[1]

After that, Haru visits him every morning and feeds him.

Nagoya greater than wedding



  • Nagoya is a city in Japan
  • Sasayan actually was the one who named this chicken.
  • Nagoya appears in all of the episodes' endings except for episode 12.


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