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Shimoyanagi (下柳?, lit. Shimoyanagi) is a young male student who attends Syoyo High School.

Description Edit

Shioyanagi, also known as Yana, is one of Sasayan's friends and baseball teammates. He is seen with Andou and Seda helping Sasayan in the Syoyo High School festival. Shimoyanagi likes Asako Natsume, but he has trouble talking to her. Initially, Sasayan tried to get him and Natsume together, but Natsume left because she couldn't stand the boy's laughter. Later, Sasayan discovers that Natsume fell in love with Mitsuyoshi and so Sasayan apologises to Shimoyanagi. He has a rat named Gurigura. He is very friendly and kind to people and Sasayan once said that Haru and Yana are not very different from each other.