Sitting Next to Yoshida-kun (となリの吉田くん?, lit. Tonari no Yoshida-kun) For the price of a new study guide, Mizutani Shizuku has forever changed her life and it might not be for the best.


Shizuku Mizutani is tasked with delivering the class printouts to Haru Yoshida's home (who is skipping school despite having a suspension he obtained for fighting, over). Haru sees this as something only a friend would do and declares that they are friends. Their class teacher, Saeko tries to get Shizuku to persuade Haru to come to school or else he would be expelled.

Meanwhile, Haru's punk friends take advantage of his sincerity and use him for money but Shizuku steps in and reveals the truth to Haru. He then confesses of loving her. Haru eventually goes back to school, where his inability to distinguish social protocols causes a wave of bizzare actions. Eventually, Haru nags Shizuku to go to a monjayaki restaurant but she states that she can't because of her studies. Though when he solves her math problem, she has a flashback where Haru had been the top ranked student before he was suspended. Shizuku then deems him her rival and studies hard, eventually places 1st in the midterms. In the end, Shizuku agrees to go to the restaurant. On their way Haru casually kisses her, leaving her stunned.


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  • The Japanese characters are written asとなリの吉田くん instead of となりの吉田くん.

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