Summer Break (夏ブレイク?, lit. Natsu bureiku) Some simple advice from Shizuku has led to the class thinking different of Haru. Haru and friends enjoy time by the river.


Shizuku explains to Haru that he should stop constantly glaring at people, which is the reason others are constantly afraid of and avoid him so he changes his personality by smiling and even offering help to people.

The girls at school realize that he isn't a bad person and become infatuated with him to the point where he becomes popular, making Shizuku jealous. Haru's popularity is short lived when he beats up an upperclassman after he picked on a timid looking girl from Class C. Later on he begins to doubt whether he is doing the right thing to which Shizuku says that people will eventually see him as a kind person.

Following the start of summer, the group goes for a trip in the mountains and upon returning they meet Haru's brother Yuzan. Shizuku realizes she has a lot to learn about Haru. Haru wonders if there is anything he can to for Shizuku since she is always there to save him, to which she says he can repay her with a date.


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