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Mizutani Takashi (隆吉野?, lit. Takashi Mizutani) is the father of Mizutani Shizuku and Mizutani Takaya and husband of Mizutani Yoshino.


Takashi is a very loving and hard-working man. Even though his market and functionary named Samejima go through financial problems, he still manages to function as a normal father. Since he's not as serious as his wife or his children, he's more expressive and involved with his kids' lives. He's also not as smart as Shizuku, but he is able to pick up on little signs in his daughter.

Because Yoshino has called him useless and a fool so many times, he jokingly accepts that he is useless and foolish. It's never stated if he agrees to this because he knows his wife loves him deep down or because he's used to it by now.

Appearance Edit

He has short dark brown hair, small green eyes and a stubble on his chin. Haru notes, after spending the night at Shizuku's house, that Takashi looks nothing like his daughter.



Mizutani YoshinoEdit

Yoshino is Takashi's workaholic wife. She's never home because Takashi has a hard time with work. It's possible that their marriage in strained because of his struggles with work. At multiple times during their marriage, she has insulted him and put him down, but he doesn't seem bothered by them. Chances are that he thinks that she doesn't mean them or he has gotten used to them. Whenever she talks to Shizuku, she asks her to transfer insulting messages to her husband.

Mizutani ShizukuEdit

Shizuku is Takashi and Yoshino's eldest child and only daughter. Since Takashi is home more than his wife, he tries much harder to form a relationship with his daughter. During his time at home, he has noticed Shizuku's behavorial differences from other girls her age. He has tried to encourage proper growth for her, but because she has always wanted to be like her mother, only little is accomplished.

Shizuku often reminds Takashi of his wife. When she passes on messages to him, she tells them in the same tone and with same expression as her mother. It's possible that she even looks like her, but her appearance has yet to be revealed.


Yoshida HaruEdit

Although Takashi knows very little about Haru, he's the only one in Shizuku's family that knows about his daughter's relationship. Since Haru believes he will be married to Shizuku, he has called Takashi "Pops", much to his annoyance. Once when Takashi's store went under, Haru has helped him and Shizuku regain it.