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thumb|Takaya and Shizuku.|194x194pxMizutani Takaya (高谷吉野?, lit. Takaya Mizutani) is the brother of Mizutani Shizuku and the son of Mizutani Yoshino and Mizutani Takashi.


Natsume described him very similar to Shizuku in terms of appearance and attitude. He has light brown hair and dark brown eyes, similar to his sister. Shizuku describes him as cute. When he grows up, he is considered handsome.

Personality Edit

As his father described him, Takaya is also cold, generally calm and courteous to others, although sometimes he can be very outspoken. It is also suggested that it is a bit perverse as when Shizuku, Natsume and Yuu asked what men like and answered "boobies".

Plot Edit

When Haru stayed in Shizuku's house, Takaya always followed him, causing Haru to think that there was a ghost lurking in the house.

In Chapter 22, he was seen peeping in the door which Ōshima freaked out.


Mizutani ShizukuEdit

He and Shizuku have a good sibling relationship. He often looks up to her as she is the one who has taken care of him most of his life.

When they were both younger, Shizuku and Takaya only had each other for friends.

Yoshida HaruEdit

Whenever Haru visits, he follows him around, making Haru think that the Mizutani household is haunted.

Takaya seems to be jealous of how close Haru is to Shizuku, given she was his closest friend and support at the time. However, he appreciates that Haru makes her happy and on their wedding day gives Haru his blessing, asking him to take care of his sister.

Ōshima ChizuruEdit

He has a crush on her and confessed to her as shown in the extras, even though he was still treated as a kid

Takaya at the age of 16.

During the day of Shizuku's school festival, he ran into Ōshima telling her he wants to go where Shizuku's class is which she agreed. Later, he was pulling Ōshima saying he wants to see the principal's office, hinting he wants to hang out more with her.

And in the credits roll, he is seen to be looking flirtatiously at Ōshima.

In the manga before Shizuku's and Haru's wedding, he confesses to Ōshima and kisses her. Although afterwards she tells him she only sees him as a grade-schooler still, she respects his wishes for her to think about his confession after seeing his persistence.

Trivia Edit

  • Just like his sister, he is an indifferent boy who isn’t very expressive with his feelings.
  • In the Mizutani family, he is the only one who has his own computer. It seems that he has a collection of all sorts of things that interest him.
    • One of these is a collection of possibly lewd images.