The Distance Between Us (2人の距離?, lit. Futari no Kyori)


Haru discusses his relationship troubles with Oshima. Meanwhile he experiences flashbacks from his time with his Aunt Kyoko, many of them revolving around her trying to reach out to Haru with various forms of schooling and advice. Using this he decides not to give up on Shizuku. However Haru's constant smothering leads to her to demand her personal space, to which Natsume adds that being touched by someone she doesn't like is the most repulsive thing to a girl.

Sasayan and his friends try to earn extra money from the upcoming festival but their plans are ruined when Haru gets into a fight with an upperclassman, upsetting Shizuku in the process. Again, Shizuku's true intentions are translated by Oshima. Shizuku ends up having a discussion with Yamaguchi about what her personal priorities should be, to which she chooses schoolwork over Haru.

Later on Haru encounters Shizuku on his way home. He admits his feelings once again and almost kisses her, but stops himself, remembering Natsume's words. Shizuku runs away, even though she seemingly still has feelings for Haru. Back home, Haru thinks of Shizuku fondly.


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