Weird (?, lit. Hen) Shizuku is caught in a whirlwind of emotions and to make matters worse, a new weirdo has entered her life.


Shizuku and Haru end up going to the restaurant Haru has been rambling about for the past few days. But when Shizuku can't escape the thought of Haru kissing her, she decides to forget about it by eating more than she would have.

Later, a girl named Asako Natsume asks her a favor and Shizuku immediately rejects it, however, she is later convinced to help her out because she feels like the girl has the same experiences as she has. In the end of the story, Haru and Natsume attend the off-line meeting to make more friends as a reward for helping her study but both come back with no gain.

The episode ends with Haru and Shizuku sitting on the roof causing the latter to miss class for the first time. As Shizuki thinks about how Haru has changed her for the better,she confesses that she loves Haru.


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