[1]Miyama Yū (宮間 ユウ?, lit. Yū Miyama) is Chizuru's friend.


Yuu has short, ashy brown hair and dark eyes.

She is always seen calm, and rarely express any emotions. Edit


Yuu-chan is Chizuru Oshima 's friend that attends a different high school. They used to go to the same school until Chizuru had to be hospitalised. When Chizuru was released from the hospital, she attended Syoyo without the accompany of her friend.

In the anime, Yuu-chan was first introduced as the girl that Chizuru constantly texts.

In the manga, Yuu-chan and Tokita are in a long-distance relationship.


Yuu Miyama was first introduced into the anime as Chizuru's faceless friend. Chizuru would complain how nobody appreciates her and would even call her "Oyama" instead of "Oshima."

Yuu-chan is always there for Oshima and laughs away Oshima's problems with puns and 'lol's, suggesting an easy going nature.



Tokita is Miyama's long distance boyfriend. In the manga, Tokita was best friends with Miyama when Tokita developed feelings for her. When he confessed, she ran away. After some time, she admits that she does love Tokita back. When Tokita had to move to a different school, Miyama confesses at the airport and they start a long distance relationship together. Currently, they communicate through RPGs and text. In the last volume of the manga, Miyami is seen with Tokita, holding a baby. This implies the two got married and had a child together.

Chizuru OshimaEdit

Chizuru Oshima is Miyama's friend. She struggles to fit in with her classmates and school, even though they're a few months into the year. She often rants to Miyama about her struggles and her attraction to Yoshida Haru.


  • "Wwww. Oyama? You've got to be kidding me! Do you want some cheese with that whine? Wwww!"


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